UNDEFEATED- June 17-28 2017 at Julia Martin Gallery in Nashville, TN. 

When my radiation oncologist asked me to create artwork for the room where I had received brachytherapy radiation, I was honored, but I also felt a great responsibility. I thought about the challenges I had faced before ever reaching the room, and how every woman who ends up there has already survived a long and sometimes painful journey. I remember the anxiety that ran through my mind during the first session. My eyes darted around the room, looking for something to help me gain mental footing to get through. All I could find were a few security cameras, beige wallpaper and outdated paintings. The session only lasted eight minutes, but I felt isolated. I was alone in a lead-lined room, hooked up to a powerful machine with lots of lights and noises. I brought my sketchbook in with me a few times, and even though I was partially immobile during the radiation, I laid back and drew everything I could see. Making art helped me get through that experience, and I created these pieces to give hope to anyone who spends time in the room after me. 
A wise woman once asked me, "Do you know what self-efficacy is?" I didn’t, but when I learned that it meant believing in one’s ability to succeed, I realized I needed to nurture it in myself. In that moment, I chose to see beyond my personal series of unfortunate events and connect to the human condition. Life happens to all of us, we all face challenges and setbacks. It is how we react that defines us. We have a lot more power than we think we do. We also have a lot less power than we think we do. Fighting cancer has been an education in knowing when to push back and when to surrender. By choosing positivity and love at every corner, I decided to triumph, even in my own defeats. "

Press for UNDEFEATED. Click image to link to article.

SPIT: August 2013 Ovvio Arte in Nashville, TN

"These works make up the content of my first solo exhibition "Spit" which opened in August of 2013. I spent several months exploring the aspects of figurative line drawing, producing hundreds of portraits of myself and others, of which I eventually selected forty and displayed at Nashville gallery Ovvio Arte. These were created while writing and recording Those Darlins' Blur the Line album and used as a way to visually represent the same themes in which I was writing about. Some of these themes included body image, gender identity, and finding strength by exploring my own vulnerability. The title "Spit" was used to describe the drawings as abrupt and forceful ejections from my psyche, sometimes in a form of hatred or contempt, while also referring to the creation of a great likeness or "spitting image". "


Collaborative show (artists created visual work based on a previously written piece) 

New York City 2015